Konw your onions

I don't think i do know very much about onions. Like most of you I am sure I was bought up on white onions and brown onions. more recently I discovered red onions and have also come to enjoy leeks and shallots. I have grown leeks, shallots and garlic with some success but have not bothered much with onions. For some reason I have always found growing root vegetables more challenging that the above the ground varieties, however here I find they grow quite easily. I think it is the sandy soil. In any case last year I grew a few onions from seed. Cant remember the varieties but they have done quite well and are a bit of a revelation. I don't know why I am surprised really, everything that you grow and eat fresh from the garden tastes so much better than things purchased from the supermarket. Goodness knows how old the onions you usually buy are.  I grew a few cute, sort of flat white onions that were delicious raw in salads and these lovely big brown ones. They are just so juicy, these two were destined to go in my Zucchini pickles. I am now on a mission to see if I can grow most of the onions that we need.


Lydia La La said…
I've just become a new follower of your blog. I tried my hand at onions this year again.
The first time was successful but this year we ran late. However... we have cute little onions. Like you I am aiming for bigger and better next season. I live in the sub-tropics. a zone not kind to gardeners.
Off now to

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