Now that is more like it!

I have been making sourdough bread for quite a few years now. Initially it was a struggle but then I seemed to have a good method and it all went well. I bake a delicous loaf every week or so and that is pretty much enough bread for us.
When I returned from England at the beginning of December my starter had been quite neglected and I have been unhappy with my bread making results ever since.
Yesterday I decided that I really needed to remedy this. There are no artisan bakeries near us and I do not like the commercial breads available at the supermarket.
Initially I was blaming the flour as I have run out of the nice fresh Furney's flour and am not prepared to drive all the way to Dubbo just to get it. On reflection though I used the Wallaby flour from the supermarket for years and was happy with the results. So I think the starter and my method are the problems. I started to refresh the starter every day and i made a bigger sponge when I was ready to bake. Straight away I could see the difference and when I proved the bread this was the result.

I also went back to proving and then knocking down and allowing the rise again in the tin. the whole process was completed in about twelve hours which just goes to show how active the yeast is now. A must better, and tastier result.


Katie&Jemima said…
have you heard of these friendship cakes? we got given one the other day and now herman is bubbling away on the bookshelf! x

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