Order Restored to the vegetable gardens

Every morning I have been getting up very early, before it becomes too hot to do hard work. My first priority, and the hardest work has been getting the vegetable gardens back in order. They were full of weeds and the ever present Kikuyu had really invaded them. I think it has taken eight days of about two hours hard slog every day but they are back to the way i like them, almost anyway.

I'm going to start again tomorrow and mulch with newspaper and lucerne as I go. I think it will be a whole lot quicker to get around this time and that is the plan, to stay on top of it so it is not a big job again. This will free up lots of time to do other things in the rest of the garden.
It has finally become quite hot today, a real summers day and while I dont relish the heat I think the hot dry conditions are good for lots of things in the garden so I'm happy to have some summer weather. I will just plan on doing my gardening early in the morning and late in the afternoon for a bit. There is plenty of hot weather jobs saved up indoors for the heat of the day.


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