Wonderful weather for Roses

Summer has well and truly arrived at last but it is still much milder than usual. The hottest day was yesterday and reached about 38 degrees before a late cool change. The humidity has gone and the hot dry days are perfect for the roses. The Joey's in Jemima and Eli's gardens are particularly beautiful at the moment, they also smell divine.

 I find they don't last long as cut flowers so prefer to leave them in the garden.

While i have been focused on weeding the vegetable gardens Peter has been working on the decorative gardens so they are starting to look pretty nice.


I cant believe how fast Eli's garden is growing, almost as fast as him.

The great thing this summer is that we have plenty of water in the dam and in the tanks.
Our big dam is almost full.

My neighbour was telling me that his dams are full of yabbies so will have to put our traps in ours and see if we have any on the weekend.    


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