Zucchini Flowers

In my meat and three veg upbringing it would have been unheard of to eat Zucchini flowers, or any flowers for that matter. I remember when my mother started to grow Zucchini, they were like the new wonder vegetable and she took pride in growing them as big as she could! We then ate these monsters. Soon enough I learned to eat them when they were small but it was quite some time before I discovered the joys of eating Zucchini flowers. They are now one of my favourite things about summer. This year I am growing the Costa Romenesca variety and although they promised a good supply of flowers that has not really been the case. The past few mornings however I have seen some beauties so this morning decided to pick these two for our dinner tonight.

Look at the size in comparison to an every day tea cup. You would never see flowers like this at a market. They are not very sturdy and I have already managed to tear one but it doesn't matter, I am just going to dip these in egg, breadcrumbs, basil and Parmesan and shallow fry them. Whenever I pick a zucchini with a nice flower I use the flower in some manner, either chop it into whatever I am cooking or simply wilt it and serve it as a vegetable. They look great on the plate.


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