Bread for Katie

It seems that Peter is not supposed to eat any bread, what a shame when I have just perfected my sourdough baking! On my own I onky eat about half a loaf of bread a week so I have been baking for a neighbour to keep the started nice and active and the other day decided to have a practice at some pide style loaves to put in the freezer for when Katie comes. I think they turned out rather well and tasted pretty good.

 Katie can eat them with her favourite apricot Jam. Peter is also not supposed to be eating any sugar, so no jam, no preserved fruit no pickles. What will I do with all the stuff in my cupboard?


Lydia La La said…
Isn't it an eye opener when sugar, dairy or wheat is not eaten? And yes, what to do with the pantry items is a good question. I like making preserves and give most of them away. Keeps every one happy.

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