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It was my birthday on Monday and I was actually at home for the first time in years. On thinking about what I would really like to do with the day I decided that i would like to do a bit of serious cooking, not assembly as so many recipes seem to be these days. The plan was to cook something that I had not cooked before and something that had a bit of technical difficulty.
I was somewhat limited by the ingredients I cook source either from my garden, pantry and the shops in Parkes. Originally i thought I would do something with yabbies but we didn't catch any so I went to the shops in Parkes. The best I could do at Woolworth's was some pork belly and a free range chicken, on the way home I popped into Coles as I had forgotten the milk and they had nice fresh ducks. So duck was on the menu.

The Menu
duck Cooked two ways with an Asian coleslaw, sesame beans and a dark caramel chili sauce
And for Desert
Lemongrass and white chocolate PannaCotta withh a raspberry Macaroon and Raspberry coulis

I took the breast fillets off the duck, seasoned them with an Asian themed spice mix and simply seared them
Took the legs and thighs off, seasoned them in the same way and later steamed them before quickly crisping up in the pan.
I was really pleased with the results, especially the perfectly cooked, rare breasts.
for some reason I have never made a pannacotat before so was pleased with how this turned out, I need to practice my piping skills for the macaroons and i didn't have any pink food colouring so they were a bit pale, it was joyous to have two cups of fresh raspberries from my garden to play with. It was a yummy dinner and a good stretch of my cooking skills.



Tracy said…
Happy birthday for Monday Anne. What a great meal and a fun way to spend the day. 10/10

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