After the Rain....perhaps

We have had so much rain this week. Yesterday morning we got 52 mls in about an hour. It was the heaviest downpour i have seen here but it didn't stop at that. It kept raining until early this morning. There is water everywhere but perhaps because there is also grass everywhere, so far at least there is not the major flooding that occurred last summer. It looks like it might rain some more though so we will wait and see.
In the meantime all of our water storage is completely full.
The tanks have been full for ages, the two of us don't use a lot of water and we have barley watered the garden in the past twelve months.
The dams are full too,


 even the little dam on the boundary fence is full to the brim.

This morning Peter noticed that there was still lots of water running down our driveway even though it has stopped raining. The dam behind our shed, that is not on our property has a hole in it and is leaking at a pretty fast rate.

As well as the dams being full of water they are full of frogs, a glorious sound indeed, very loud at the little dam. Maybe we can raise some tadpoles when Jemima visits next month. 


Lydia La La said…
So far, so good here with just the right amount of rain. We won't get flooded as we are all hilly with a creek running through our 200 acres. It blocks us in for up to 4 days but we are prepared for that. Hope all stays good for you.
Kim said…
What a great blog!! It is great discovering another farming blog!Have just sat and read oodles and oodles of your posts,anne!
kim-the little black cow blog.
Anne said…
Thanks Kim and for the goat information as well. I was interested to read that you have wiltipol sheep, we are gtting some in a few weeks time, and would also like to get some Dexter cattle.
Kim said…
You will love Wiltipolls, anne! They never try and escape. If you are ever going through this way, you are welcome to call in and check ours out. (We just have a herd of 9 at the moment).
I would dearly love a dexter cow, but because we have a big angus bull, it probably wouldn't be safe to have one ...they are just such a great all round cow for meat and milk.

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