I had noticed that Elisabet, the oldest of my goats was looking a bit thin and then I noticed that Brie, her kid who is now seven months old, was still drinking from her from time to time. I thought I would separate them for a few days so that Elisabet could dry right up. Well Brie was not at all happy, she bellowed so much for two days that she almost lost her voice, she also didn't seem to be eating or drinking. Last night I thought I will just leave her there another night.

This morning when I went outside I couldn't hear her so went to investigate. She wasn't there. She was in a fairly substantial pen with a six foot high fence and the gate was still closed. For a moment I feared that she run away and then thought well of course she would head straight back to the others and there she was.


Who me!

When I looked at the pen again I can see a few spots where she may have got out. Mind you, I think that she created the holes herself. Still they are pretty high up.



Peter said I should have put Elisabet up there, maybe that would have worked, she would have been happy just to have some time to herself and eat a lot. Perhaps I'll try that next. 


Lydia La La said…
I love goats but boy can they escape the most secure yard and eat the best of everything. She just missed her Mummy.
Kim said…
Ah yes.. nothing as escapish as a goat kid who wants to get back to the other goats! We did the same thing and had the same thing happen when Cinnamon was younger. Our neighbour rang to see if we were alright because he could hear someone 'screaming' but it was just the kid crying out for mum.
Next time I tried tethering near mum ,but not close enough to drink...and that worked.
So much fun reading a blog that has crazy goat happenings too!

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