Necessity is the mother of invention

Peter has not been well and it has been suggested that he try a diet that does not include wheat or sugar.
In many ways this is not a huge issue as we don't eat much processed food at all but the things that have been difficult have been providing a nutritional, sweet snack that doesn't contain wheat or sugar and the quick meals that include Pasta and bread.
I know you can buy wheat free pasta but the stuff I have tried in the past is really not very appetising, so we would rather do without.
The good news is that he can eat Spelt, Chick pea flour and coconut flour. So bread and pasta are back on the menu, as soon as i have a chance to get some made. I actually really like pasta made with spelt flour.  so think that I will make a few batches and get some in the freezer so we can still have it for a quick meal.
I am baking my first whole spelt loaf a bit later on today.

So far it looks fine, just hasn't risen as high as the bakers flour loaves, but it will be good for Peter to be able to have some nice fresh bread again.
The other day, before I knew that he could have spelt, I made some slice using, coconut flour, almond meal, dried apricots, butter, eggs and honey. It was really quite nice, plenty sweet enough. It is interesting to have some cooking challenges.



Lydia La La said…
I'm sorry to read of the health issues for Peter. How great that you are an inventive cook to keep him able to have some 'normal' food. Hope your garden is growing well too.
Kim said…
We have two wheat intolerant kids. We don't even think about buying white bakers flour now( although my husband does miss it sometimes). The gluten free pastas ( I think San Remo does one) work well but you must cook for exactly the time it says ...any longer and it falls apart ( just buy the pasta shapes...not gluten free spag or fetticine as they just clag up.
When we were told we had to change the kids diets , we were a bit worried...but it ended up being a great thing.Our diet is much healthier as a result and spelt is great to cook with. The white wings gluten free flours are also great to cook cakes with .

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