Weekend blogger

Well it has been quite along absence and my life has changed considerably since my last post.
I have had to return to full time work so am working Monday to Friday, 9-5 plus driving a bit over an hour each way. Not a lot of time left for anything else, especially in these short winter days.
There are many things that I am not prepared to give up and perhaps this blog is one of them. This weekend is the first time I have felt like there is a bit of rhythm in my life and the first opportunity to pay a bit of attention to things around here. So perhaps I will become a weekend blogger for a while!
The vegetable garden is a bit neglected but will come good in the spring. Peter is home full time so different things are getting done on the farm that will hopefully move us towards sustainability and our little farm stay. In the meantime I am still trying to keep up with cooking lots of good, slow cooked food on the weekend to get us through the week.
I read an idea about baking pumpkin halves in order to make soup, the idea is that is saves all the chopping. I thought I would give it a try today as I have the slow combustion stove on. It does save chopping time but it took lots longer to cook than I had imagined. It should taste good though.

During the week I cooked this upside down pear and caramel cake to take to work. Served with homemade yogurt, very nice.
We are having a real winter this year, lots of cold frosty mornings and crisp, clear days. Beautiful. 


Kim said…
Glad you are still blogging Anne.We went through a stage like this on the farm too where both of us had to work fulltime and maintain things at home- hard work!
How are your goats?We have just had babies! We discovered we had to change over from Panacur in the end as the worms became quite resistant.
Lydia La La said…
Hoping all will be well and that your plans work out. xo

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