Weekend Cooking

Part of my weekend is devoted to organising and cooking food for the week. As I have a pretty long work day now and don't get home until dinner time I find it well worth the time to get things in place on the weekend.
At the moment as it is winter I am making a big batch of soup for lunches. Some sort of casserole for Sunday dinner and a midweek dinner and maybe cooking up a few staples, like rice or chick peas so I can quickly make something after work.
Yesterday I made a nice slow cooked duck ragu to eat with fresh homemade pappardelle.

A lovely Lentil, tomato and capsicum soup

and a batch of rhubarb poached with orange juice and cinnamon, this is delicious on porridge for breakfast.
Dinner and lunch all sorted for the week.


Zoe Heath said…
Yummo, can i request the duck ragu and pappardelle for next time i am home!
Lydia La La said…
You are one very busy, time challenged girl! your food looks yummo and you can't beat anything to do with lentils as far as I'm concerned. Hope all is going well for you and yours.xo
Kt Heath said…
I did a similar amount of "weekend cooking" today...all for Wombat!! he likes the look of that Ragu

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