Weekend Gardener

I am hoping that being a weekend gardener for a while is going to be sufficient to keep things on track. Fortunately things are quite well established now and the season is quite good at the moment, plenty of rain and some good hard frosts.
I think that these winter months will provide the greatest challenge as i am really barely here in the daylight hours, but I can feel the days starting to lengthen so hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be time to do a bit in the garden on some mornings and perhaps take Elle for a walk on the others.
In the meantime Peter is doing lots of things in the garden, just not really into the food growing side of things but I am hoping that he will get into that soon.
It is citrus time again and, despite the bumper of crop of mandarins that we were picking for months  last year, there is still a small crop of delicious mandarins, plenty for the two two of us.

There are also lots of Oranges and the lemon tree has its usual bumper crop!
Not much happening in the vegetable garden but the garlic is coming along nicely

and these asparagus think it is spring already!
Thanks to all of you who have continued to read despite my absence. I plan to try and post at least once a week now.


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