New Kid on the Block

Or rather a new young buck!
His name is Blue, handsome isn't he.

When we got the girls everyone said not to get a buck as they are hard work and they stink. Well we took this advice and took the girls down to the goat farm  to get in kid, trouble is they  didn't. So our goat breeding program is six months behind.

We got Blue from the same place as we got the girls, he has been hand raised and should make a good sire. He and Genevieve are in a paddock together and he got straight to work, so hopefully we will have some kids in about five months.

We now are up to six lambs, two sets of twins and two singles, one more ewe looks like she will lamb soon and another is a bit further off. So far so good, although there is a crow hanging around today that we were worried about. Peter tried to shoot him but no luck. The lambs are quite strong though so I think they will be OK.


Kim said…
Yes we heard that about bucks too and I am sure it is true in many cases. But.... we got a hand reared buck called stewart and he is just beautiful...he is nearly a year old now and still doesn't stink(but has sucessfully sired twins!)
We run him with the does all the time and apparently this means he doesn't need to make himself as smelly to attract them!
Zoe Heath said…
I love the girls in the back ground checking hime out :)

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