Balmoral Park on a Plate

Despite the small amount of time I now have to spend in the garden it is still amazingly productive. Thanks to all the previous work and lots of perennial crops, we are once again getting most of our fruit and vegetables from the garden. There are still oranges, lemons and limes on the trees and the mulberries have started. In the vegetable garden the asparagus is the star, we have been getting lots of fat, juicy, sweet stalks for about six weeks now. It is lovely to eat.
We have had a few meals of late that are pretty much all from our place.
A warm duck salad with snow peas and asparagus and a little blood orange and beetroot salad a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday a warm potato and asparagus salad with homemade mayonnaise, delicious. I hadn't planned to use any of our potatoes yet but the horrible twenty eight spotted lady beetles have made a real mess of some of them so  I decided to pull them out, the tiny potatoes are really nice to eat so all was not lost. 

The lemons ready for preserving


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