Enjoying the spring garden

I wish you could smell my garden, it is divine. Citrus blossoms, Frangipani and lavender are the predominant perfumes.

Last night it was a little warmer than it has been and when I walked in the back gate the perfume of the garden enveloped me. You could just stand and breathe in the wonder of it all.
This spring the garden is full of little birds, darting between the bushes and larger birds feasting on the grevillias. The bees are humming loudly most of the time as well.
The roses are just starting to bloom, so far they are looking quite spectacular.

We had a good show or orchids despite the neglect or some suggest because of it. Not quite as good as last year though so I plan to look after them a bit better this year.
The yellow broom is looking lovely as well.

 This is a new geranium, quite spectacular I think.
 These orange poppies come up everyyear and put on quite a show.

The citrus trees still have quite a lot of fruit on them. I picked the last of the limes and the blood oranges today. The lemon tree is loaded. These are destined for preserved lemons.


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