Purple Sticky Rice and Quinoa Porridge

Well its been a long while between posts but thought I would post about my favourite breakfast of the moment, Purple Sticky rice and Quinoa Porridge. I think I started making this before it was on all the cafe menus but maybe not! The other day in the supermarket I saw a packet of rice and quinoa already mixed!
What I do is cook one cup of purple sticky rice, or any sticky colourful rice would do, red or black, by absorption method and just replace half the water with coconut milk and throw in a cinnamon stick, ten minutes before its done stir through 1/3 rd cup of quinoa, I used a mixed one today, also add a tablespoon of coconut oil. When its nice and sticky and chewy stir through a bit more coconut milk and some grated palm sugar or coconut sugar  if you want. While this is happening toast off some almond flakes until they are a nice colour. Serve with yogurt and fruit. I had rhubarb today but segmented orange is very good as well.


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