Border Collie Love

It seems like once you have a Border Collie for a pet any other dog breed just seems unacceptable.
Our first Border Collie "Steffi", adopted us, we didn't have her very long but fell in love with her energy and intelligence.
Then we got Patch, he was a great dog, family pet, weather forecaster, he was frightened of thunderstorms so if we were all away from home he would turn up at the neighbours hours before a storm! They came to know that a visit from patch meant a thunderstorm was headed their way. We had patch for 9 years and were bereft when he was hit by a car and died.
We said at that point that having dogs was too sad and that we wouldn't get another one. Within the year we had Angus, such a beautiful boy. Angus is the dog in the banner above. He helped raise Zoe and was broken hearted when the girls left home and again when we moved to the farm here, He
stuck with us until the end though, a good friend and  companion.

I decided to get Elle as Angus was getting older and life with her has been a real roller coaster. Now that I am back working away from home  a lot she has become a sheep dog and goes to work on the big farm.
 She is still "my best girl "though.

 Zoe has been talking about getting a dog for years.
This Christmas she finally did it and we had the joy of a puppy at the farm for a few weeks.
Mathilda is part of the family already. Elle was great at helping to teach her some manners.
I hope she settles into her urban lifestyle.






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