Finally we have a Pizza Oven

Its been a long time between posts but after a few weeks of having all of the family here at the farm I thought it would be nice to start posting regularly about what we are doing here to keep people up to date in between visits.
2015 was a busy and challenging year in many respects as I continue to work full time and mostly away from home, I am away a couple of days each week. The garden has certainly suffered as I have has to be realistic about what I can manage. Nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise when everyone was here to realise how much of our food still came from the farm, meat from the goats and sheep, eggs, lots of fruit and a few vegies, lots of herbs, it provides motivation to keep on with it all.
During 2015 Peter finally built the long awaited Pizza oven. As with everything he does it is a masterpiece and has worked perfectly since the first day we lit it.
We are still figuring out how to cook in it but so far we feel we have mastered the art of pizza, done some slow roasting and cooked a whole baked dinner. Everything cooked in the oven just tastes superb. I have made a few breakthroughs with my baking of bread as well and am looking forward to cooking more of that in the oven as well.

Our friends showed us some very beautiful, and expensive, tools, Peter made his own!!!


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