Friday, May 20, 2011

Preserving my olives

I picked our first olives about ten days ago, very exciting. It didn't look to be many but there were one and a half kilos. I did lots of research and decided to try and preserve them in the following manner. first I washed them all and then cut a small slit in each olive. I then placed them in a large bowl and covered them with water. I changed the water and rinsed them every day until today. Today i made a brine on salt and water, half a cup of salt to four cups of water, to which I added half a cup of red wine vinegar. I put the drained olives into the jars and filled them up with the brine. I poured a small amount of olive oil on the top and sealed them up.
I am going to keep one jar in the fridge and try them every so often to see how they are going.
I ended up with seven jars of Olive,s two of them a quite big jars so that will do us for quite a while. There is still about a half kilo on the tree so I'll pick them later today and process them in a different
manner. i know a lady who has an olive farm and they just wash them and pack them into containers in brine which they then leave for a long time! they sell their olives to the top end of the market.

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