Growing ginger

In my quest to grow all my own herbs and spices  
I decided to try and grow our ginger. I think i was prompted to do this after paying almost $30 a kilo for some rather ordinary ginger one day.
My plants came up alright and seemed to be growing quite well. Naughty Elle dug up some of the plants in the garden but I had some growing in a pot. All of sudden it has dried right off so I thought I should harvest it.
I was a bit disappointed only about 300 grams, but it does look lovely.
I have already put a few pieces in pots under the cold frame so hopefully I will get a head start for next year and Elle will have stopped digging. The Turmeric was even more disappointing, nothing to harvest, but I have also planted some of that in pots for next summer as well. My cold frame is chock full of things I am trying to start, maybe I will need a bigger one.


Linda Woodrow said…
I wonder if your climate gets too cold in winter? Turmeric dies right back in winter and resprouts in summer, but my ginger is still green and growing. I never harvest the whole plant, but just bandicoot a bit whenever I need it. There are also different cultivars that are more or less cold hardy. The first ginger I tried to grow was from a root from the supermarket and gave a dismal yield, even though I stuck with it for years. One day I grabbed root from a locally grown plant, and it has bourne brilliantly for a decade or so now.

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