The amount of Goat milk in the fridge was getting out of hand so last night I bit the bullet and had a go at my first lot of real cheese. I chose Feta to start with, because it is one of my favourites and because the temperature control seemed within my ability and resources.
The recipe worked like a dream. I kept looking at the milk and it looked like not much had happened abut when I cut it is was just perfect. Some more cutting and stirring, six hours of draining and voila, lovely feta. I just salted it lightly and put it in the fridge, will try it after a few days but the thing is it will be a much healthier Feta than the stuff we buy so will be able to eat it guilt free! It will taste great too I just know.
Bocconcini next and make some more yogurt and buttermilk. The goats milk yogurt tastes fine but it is just not thick like the yogurt I usually make so I think we will just have to get used to that.


Dzoli said…
Yes you did it.Fantatsic.Didn't you feel happy?:)) Great job..and keep doing it;))How is yoghurt coming along?
Sharleigh said…
I love reading your blogs. It inspires me to try new things with our fresh produce! Vinegar at the moment!! Making your own feta is great.

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